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We aim to relive the glory days of Beat Saber. We create tools that make it easy for you to downgrade your game to any version you like.

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Batch Scripts

This is required for the this utility to work properly.
Download .NET SDK Installer
File Host:
Mirror (local)

Downgrade Batch Setup
File Host:

Run all .bat files without admin privileges
Run [STEP 1] start & download.bat
Input your steam login username and password
Choose which version you'd like to download
Once downloaded, and when you get the success message, Close the window
Run [STEP 2] install.bat
This will replace and remove the currently installed version of Beat Saber on Steam
Run [STEP 3] mod.bat
This will attempt to mod the game with IPA for you.
Run [STEP 4] convert songs.bat
This will convert any songs in the game's correct format for you.

If you want to re-install the latest version of Beat Saber on Steam, all you have to do is validate your files for Beat Saber.

Console Application

This is required for the this utility to work properly.
Download .NET SDK Installer
File Host:
Mirror (local)

Downgrade Console App Setup
File Host: GitHub
Mirror 1 (Local) |  Mirror 2 (vKloud)

Simply Run the BSLegacyUtil.exe
If windows says its a malicious app, you can ignore it and run anyway. If you dont trust this, use another utility.

This Utility is basically an all-in-one application containing all the steps from the batch files in a single application.
If any issues come up, please ask away in our discord server, make sure to say what utility you are using.


Download Launcher
File Host: GitHub

BSLegacyLauncher is a program designed to fetch any version of Beat Saber from Steam's depots, and launch it within the same program! You do not need to move it to your Steam directory, as your current installation will remain untouched! So if you ever want to switch between two versions, this is the program for you!

This utility was created by RiskiVR & DDAkebono.

Oculus Quest Web-based APK Downgrader

Need a simple, easy to use Downgrade method? Tired of some of the errors the other Utilities give you? Look no further, use ComputerElite's Web-based APK Downgrader by clicking the button below:
Go to Website Downgrader
A detailed guide for the whole process can be found here:




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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it need my Steam login info?

Our utilities depends on Steam's open-source Depotdownloader for authorization to connect to their official servers. You must have legally purchased the game, since we don't condone the piracy of Beat Saber. The files downloaded with the tool come from Steam's manifests. Our tool is just a bridge connecting between you and Steam. Your info is safe and secure, it does not go anywhere else.

Why is the Console App Utility not opening or closing immediately after trying to start?

This issue can one of many reasons. After my research on the issue, I have found these possible reasons why and how to fix them:

  • Windows File System may have a corruption within itself internally. Fix: Re-install Windows
  • Windows doesn't have necessary files to run application. Fix: Run any updates that may be waiting for you, this includes any Feature updates past Windows 1903 and on. Plus make sure you have the .NET SDK v2.1.200+ installed
  • Upon extracting the files, your system might have marked the package as "unsafe". Fix: Right click the main BSLegacyUtil folder, go to "Properties", and unblock all files. Your anti-virus may be blocking the app, Refer to your anti-virus program manual on how to add an exclusion to (an) entire folder(s)
  • Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 might straight up not run the application, let alone SteamVR. Fix: Just upgrade to Windows 10 already
If you continue to have issues after all of this, use the batch files or wait for the GUI Utility to release.

Quest: When I try to start the Quest downgrader, I get a file hash validation error

Review the file size of your backup. You can see this by just going over to the folder, and file size should be viewable on the right side of the window. Usually Windows will show 670,003 KB for a correct backup. You'll likely see one of the following:

  • 0 KB indicating Side Quest is out of date.
  • More than 670,003 KB indicating you tried to backup a version of 1.16.0 you had unsuccessfully modded.
  • Some number over 0 KB but less than 670,003 KB indicating some other Side Quest error.
If you got 0 KB or some random file size, update Side Quest by going to their website, downloading the most recent version, and installing over it. Accept all the permissions on your Quest again, and you should be able to successfully backup the apk. If you got a file size larger than 670,003 KB, delete the backup, delete Beat Saber from your Quest via Side Quest, then download a fresh copy of Beat Saber to your Quest from the Oculus Store. Backup that apk, and it should be the correct size.

Quest: I downgraded, but BMBF isn't modding the game.

Follow these steps to ensure things will work properly

  • Download BMBF for 1.13.2 fresh from the stable release section of the BMBF website.
  • Uninstall both Beat Saber and BMBF via Side Quest
  • Restart the Quest, an important step, honesty
  • Put your downgraded game and BMBF on your Quest one last time.
  • Open the game, play a song, then mod with BMBF

Quest: I downgraded my game, but when I boot it up, it's still the most recent version.

This is due to one of three things:

  1. You never deleted Beat Saber from your Quest before trying to install your downgraded game, and either you didn't get any message from Side Quest at all, or you missed the error message.
  2. You did get a successful apk install message from Side Quest, but you installed the apk out of the BSBackups folder in error. Please note the apk in the BSBackups folder is just the unmodified original backup you made.
  3. You stepped away from your Quest for too long after installing the downgraded game, and the proper inactivity period passed in order for the Quest to automatically update.
Delete Beat Saber from your Quest, don't download it again, and make sure you install the correct apk to your Quest and that Side Quest indicates it successfully installed the apk.